About us

Welcome to NäKuri: A Beauty Inspired by Nature
We are thrilled to welcome you to the world of NäKuri, a brand born from
passion for nature and beauty. Founded this year, our story begins with a deep desire to create a line of cosmetics that embodies beauty
nature and our connection to our surroundings.

Our Root: Nature and Family Tradition
The name NäKuri reflects not only our passion for nature, but also our family's rich history. The word "Nä" represents nature, while "Kuri" means chestnut in Japanese. But why the chestnut? This choice has deep roots in our family of pumpkin traders, with a particular focus on the Delica, Violina and Hokkaido varieties, the latter also known as Huchiki Kuri, or chestnut squash. Most of these gourds come from Japan, which is where the inspiration for our name comes from.

The Convergence of Passions and Cultures
The NäKuri brand was conceived from the fusion between the passion for nature and for cosmetics. We wanted to create a line of products based on pumpkin extract, a tribute to our roots. The use of a Japanese word in the name serves as a tribute to the dedication of the oriental people to skincare, reflecting our own dedication to creating products that are both highly effective and environmentally friendly.

Our Mission and Commitment
Our mission is clear: we want to offer you a beauty that goes beyond the superficial appearance. We want to share with you our connection to nature, love for authentic beauty and inspiration from different cultures. Our products are created with care and dedication, using natural and sustainable ingredients to preserve the beauty of your skin and the environment.

Join Us in Our Natural Adventure
We invite you to explore the range of NäKuri products, made with the essence of
nature and the inspiration of distant cultures. Join us on this journey to one
beauty that embraces nature and celebrates our family heritage. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share our passion with you and be a part of
your skin care routine.